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Balance is Key

In today’s busy world, it is easy to get off track because we lose focus as to what we should be doing to live a healthy, complete life.  My health and wellness coaching programs allow participants to address a wide range of topics that will help them improve their overall health and eating habits.  This transforms into a better quality of life.  As a health coach, I guide my clients toward reaching their own personal goals.  I provide the tools needed for each person’s success in the program.

I do not advocate any one specific way of eating.  I believe that each person’s dietary needs are unique to them as an individual.

I work with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results that they may not be able to achieve on their own. I provide a human connection, as well as motivation, guidance and accountability. Coaches inspire people to take charge of their health and help break down a lifetime of barriers.

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"I started working with Shelley in May of 2015, in order to improve my overall health and to be more intentional about what I was putting into my body. By July, I noticed a dramatic difference in the way I felt both physically and mentally. I have a clean diet, more energy, was less bloated, and most importantly, I felt like I was finally intentional about what I was eating. Thereafter, we created a realistic exercise routine that I truly enjoy. With Shelley's expertise, I now have a sustainable diet, exercise, and mental wellness routine that effortlessly fits into my busy schedule. I truly feel the best that I have felt in years! I would highly recommend Shelley."
"The most significant overall change I have noticed is that I feel better, which makes me a more efficient, nicer and happier person. I have learned to manage my diet, exercise and stress in this hectic life. I can recognize when I am getting out of balance and Shelley has provided me with the "tools" to readjust quickly. She is very knowledgeable, thorough and caring. She is very holistic. I have worked with trainers, nutritionists, etc. in the past. Shelley looks at all aspects of your life to help and guide you to meet your goals. I love that she has done extra research, reading, etc. to educate herself on thyroid disease in order to help me. She is constantly learning and sharing ideas to help heal my thyroid, which is a large problem for many women."
When I first met with Shelley about becoming a client, I had no idea really what it was that she did. I had heard about a nutritionist, but not a health/life coach. I knew I wanted help with trying to feed my family better meals that they all could enjoy as each of them has a different palate, and I stressed about making dinner every night. I didn't know at the time the other aspects in my life that needed tweaking. I quickly realized that not only was Shelley knowledgable about the nutrition component of her work, she was amazing at helping me talk through how to achieve a better balance within my own circle of life. She helped me set goals for myself, and we talked through how to achieve them. She was a teacher, a mentor, a confidant, and a friend. She was non-judgmental, supportive and nurturing. Achieving life goals and balance is an ongoing process, but Shelley, for me, was a tremendous asset in my life.
I started the program with goals to eat better and improve exercise habits. Shelley helped me to clarify my goals, and put a plan of action into place. I was able to implement the plan with her guidance and encouragement. The biggest tangible change I have noticed is a heightened awareness of what I am eating and the impact it has on me - feeling better in general and sleeping MUCH better when I stick to my plan. Additionally, a greater understanding of the overall connection of the various aspects of my life (beyond what I'm eating and how often I exercise) to my quality of life/how I feel. I would describe Shelley as an excellent listener. She asked great questions that allowed for a thought-provoking conversation - introducing multiple perspectives.
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